New Orleans 5150

New Orleans 5150 – ‘The Big Easy’ – 3rd Place

Pre event:
The town of Lafayette and Mark Miller were my hosts leading up to the race. This is an unbelievable place. Its one of those hidden jewels that you are hesitant to tell too many people about! The friendliness of everyone there was unbelievable. If you are ever passing through, a stop at Precision Bikes is a must, then a massage treatment by Ruud and a swim at Red’s.

The Swim:
Its no secret that the swim is my favorite part of the race. I was first to the buoy and had the plan of increasing my lead from there. Major navigational issues (lesson learnt… boats aren’t always there to guide you on course…) meant that I lost a significant amount of time in the swim and had to play catch up. I managed to exit the water 2nd after doing a fair bit of sight seeing on the course. I must thank Leigh Ayn Drye for the very last minute loan of her swim skin suit.

Each course had its unique elements and this one was no different. Athletes battled with the heat, winds and the very long run to T1 (long enough for me to put my running shoes on!)

A great bike course – not entirely flat and it provided very good opportunities to ride smart along the curvy roads by cutting the tangents. I had to make up for those minutes lost in the swim and managed to ride some time into the others behind me, but the leader had too much of a gap. I got off the bike 2nd.

The plan for this race was to swim and bike hard, and just run solid, enough to get the points and to get myself in a good position for the upcoming races. The heat was brutal, making it tough for everyone out there.

A podium finish is what I was after for this race, so very happy with the result. I executed our plan, with the exception of the swim… I certainly didn’t plan to go off course.

The Thank you’s:

Hincapie Sportswear: The team feels like my second family. I am honored and fortunate to be wearing the amazing custom apparel that they create.  For custom, retail and casual wear (including the most comfortable fitting jeans!) go to

Cynergy Cycles: Had my pre race needs sorted in LA
Oakley Sports: Radar XLs were perfect for the hot course.
Louis Garneau: Love the Vorttice Time trial helmet
Team Sirius: Think I heard you cheering from LA !
Lafayette hospitality: Mark Miller and his family and friends (including Ruud, Eric, Shannon, Nick)
New Orleans host: Monte you were unreal. You gave me so much information about the course yet I still swam the wrong way! I hope to see you in Hy-Vee
New Orleans triathlon community: I made new friends at Bicycle World during a 90 minute Q&A session. I’m glad I could help those that share my passion for the sport. Its also great to know that Hincapie Sportswear is well represented in NOLA

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