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Anna Cleaver Triathlete

Meet Anna Cleaver


Anna Cleaver, Professional Triathlete: based in Chattanooga TN and Waikato New Zealand. Anna races from the pointy end of triathlon:

  • 39 minute IM swim at IRONMAN Chattanooga
  • 1st off the bike at many triathlon races
  • 3hr08min Ironman debut marathon run

Anna also founded swimwithanna.com, an online swimming community, and also has a career in finance.

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Tip: Breathing in swimming




How and when we breathe in swimming is a fundamental part of the stroke that is often overlooked. It can have an impact on our body position and therefore impact how efficient our pull and kick is.

This blog looks at breathing methods, frequency and techniques. Click here for more

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DRILL SEQUENCE:Here are 4 drills for you to try:1. One arm drill (great for hand entry)2. Catch up variation (be careful not to over-reach)3. Tarzan/ polo (watch your hand entry, head still)4. Hip touch (great for body roll)5… Put it all together in your swim!Thank you to LifeProof for the phone case that allows us to take videos at the pool!

Posted by Anna Cleaver on Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Selected swim drills

#RaceTimeSoutheast Sports MarketingMind Right Multisport

Posted by Anna Cleaver on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Anna training in Winchester TN

ironmancha_13613 Sunbelt Bakery IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3 image


Anna’s Sponsors

The companies that I have partnered with in my triathlon career have provided unparalleled support and exceptional products. To learn more about them and the others who I must thank, please read more here:

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